We solve your odour problem with standardised, ready-to-use modular systems.

What lies behind the GreenAirPlus modular system

The modular systems consist of the basic components GreenAirPlus, air and pressure. In combination with intelligent plant engineering, your individual solution for successfully combating your odours is created.

Odour destruction is based on a change in the types of bonds between the atoms in a molecule. GreenAirPlus does not itself actively participate in the reaction and odour destruction, as the mode of action is catalytic. This means that the connecting chains of the molecules are changed. Due to the very finely distributed mist of the odour eliminator, a very large surface area is created, thus ensuring optimum efficiency. The substances that have been changed by GreenAirPlus and no longer cause odours are still present, but with one characteristic less: the unpleasant annoying odour.

One product for all areas. GreenAirPlus solves your odour problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We support you in neutralising your odour emissions from captured and diffuse sources. GreenAirPlus (GAP) systems are used as odour barriers at hall openings, in open spaces and in exhaust ducts. GAP systems can be retrofitted into existing exhaust ducts and in many cases the investment is only 10% of a conventional filter system.

GreenAirPlus in combination with sophisticated technology can also be installed in chimneys and fireplaces.

With the use of individually developed nozzle lances it is possible to destroy odours directly even in chimneys and fireplaces. In these applications, add-on technology is used, which makes it possible to release a dry, dense mist that neutralizes the odors.

We develop custom-fit, individual system technology to combat your odour problem.

Together with our engineers and technicians, we build odour elimination systems that are precisely tailored to your needs. Whether in waste disposal, in factory farming, in the production of asphalt or in many other areas of application.

The control of the systems can be based on existing plant control technology or a completely new system can be introduced together with you.

GreenAirPlus is free of solvents and can be used almost anywhere.

No hazardous waste is produced when using GreenAirPlus. On the other hand, when operating activated carbon filters, for example, hazardous waste is produced by the used carbon. Exhaust air scrubbers use hydrochloric acid to destroy odours. The resulting sludge is also hazardous waste. The result of biofilters in odour elimination is very different, because the moistening of the bed can be different...