GreenAirPlus solves your odour problems in everyday life.

Public transport

In buses, trams and trains, odours can very easily spoil the pleasure of driving. GreenAirPlus helps you neutralise these odours.


GreenAirPlus helps you to remove the smell of sweat and moisture from your textiles. Especially after a sporty day, unpleasant odours often arise in clothing or sports bags.


When keeping pets such as dogs or cats, foul odours such as urine can arise. GreenAirPlus helps you to combat these effectively..

taxi, cars

Especially in automobiles, stubborn smoke odours can take hold. With the help of GreenAirPlus you can successfully destroy these odours.

Yachts, ships and boats

Even in small yachts, ships or boats, smoke, fish and engine oil can lead to stubborn odours. GreenAirPlus helps you to neutralise these effectively.


Particularly in hotel rooms, difficult odours can take hold. With GreenAirPlus you can finally put a stop to these odours.

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