How to effectively remove smoke odor

Countless people indulge in nicotine every day and relax with a cigarette. Smoking serves primarily as a distraction or stress relief and a cozy cigarette brings for the smoker also an everyday timeout with it. The problem that often disturbs both non-smokers and smokers in this process is the unpleasant smoke smell. Although there are smokers who do not notice this smell in their own home or on their own clothes, other people often find the smell of smoke penetrating and disturbing. There are however quite possibilities like the unpleasant smoke smell directly after the benefit of a cigarette of the smoker can be removed.

The possibilities with which the smell of smoke can be removed are quite diverse. However, it also depends on how strongly a smoker indulges in his addiction. As a rule, it is rather cold and stale smoke in enclosed spaces such as a car or an apartment that is perceived as disturbing. For this reason, the smell of smoke should be neutralized directly by an odor neutralizer or odor eliminator.

In living rooms or closed rooms, the smell of smoke is usually difficult to escape. Therefore, it should be mandatory in any case, after enjoying a cigarette to ventilate the room well, so that the smoke can escape from the open windows. Here the smoker should know however that cigarette smoke in the cold yearly months only very badly pulls off. In these months, odor neutralizers are a very good alternative to remove the smell of smoke.


Known means for masking the smell of smoke

Putting a candle not only creates a romantic mood, it also helps to absorb the smell of smoke. If this is not enough, the smoker to other means to mask the smell of smoke. These include for example

  • Deodorant spray
  • Scented candles
  • Incense sticks
  • Fragrance Lamps

Vinegar as a miracle cure

There is also a natural remedy that works wonders against very unpleasant smoke odors. Vinegar will certainly know every adult person, since this means is known by its very strong acidic smell. One reason why vinegar should not be missing in any household is the fact that vinegar can really soften any smell or even make it disappear. Of course, the vinegar essence should not be used in its original liquid, because this smell is really penetrating and also has a lasting effect.

Heat can rid clothes of smoke odor

Accordingly, the vinegar liquid must be previously boiled in a small pot, so that it can really effectively develop its effect with regard to the smoke odor. Moreover, vinegar only works well in rooms, for the removal of smoke odor from clothing vinegar is not recommended. Here heat helps against smoke smell. The prejudice that smoker's clothing is best aired out well is a big mistake. Rather, the clothes should only be aired out in the fresh air during the warm summer months. However, during the cold season, the clothes can be placed over the radiator. An hour on the radiator helps very effectively to remove the annoying and unpleasant smell of smoke from the clothes.

What really helps you on the road

All these possibilities have one thing in common: They work very well but they are absolutely not suitable for on the road. While the cigarettes for a passionate smoker have become a constant companion is unlikely to have a smoker on the road vinegar or even the possibility to boil the vinegar essence in its basic form for odor elimination. However, since the cigarette is enjoyed in a variety of situations as a break in between, it is all the more convenient if an effective remedy against the unpleasant smell of smoke is also immediately available at hand.

There is a very effective odor neutralizer that does not penetrate the noses of fellow smokers and yet is effective in terms of removing smoke odor effective and reliable services. Basically, every smoker should carry this remedy with them so that the problem with smoke odor comes to an end.

Insider tip: GreenAirPlus

GreenAirPlus is an odour eliminatorwhich simply makes all unpleasant smoke odours disappear after just two seconds of use. This is ultimately also the great advantage of GreenAirPlus compared to the aforementioned agents, as these usually only superficially cover up the smoke odor. The smoke smell is still there, it is just covered by a stronger smell.

 GreenAirPlus However, the smell of smoke disappears completely and only needs to be sprayed into the room. Like any other substance, smoke odour has a chemical composition consisting of tiny molecules. GreenAirPlus dissolves the bond of atoms between these molecules so that the smoke smell disappears. Externally, GreenAirPlus is constructed like a conventional spray can and can just as easily be used as such. Due to the practical and handy design of the spray can, the little miracle against the smell of smoke can find a place in any pocket, so that it can also be used on the move. The smoker can thus indulge in cigarette enjoyment without any worries, even if a room full of non-smokers must be entered afterwards.