How to combat odours with the GreenAirPlus odour neutraliser

Are you also passionate about cooking? Very much so. Because I am too. I love the smell of fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, after cooking, there's often a nasty greasy smell in the room.

We like to use the time together after lunch or dinner to drink a coffee together in the kitchen or just to chat. And of course, preferably without the smell of food and fat in the nose to have.

And this is where GreenAirPlus - The odour eliminator from the spray can comes into play: GreenAirPlus destroys odours in the long term after only 2 seconds of spraying and shows its strengths in the food sector (e.g. in your own kitchen or in the catering trade).

For which applications is the odour eliminator GreenAirPlus suitable?

Of course, unpleasant odors do not only arise during cooking. Rebecca, our sales manager, has explained very well on Facebook in a video what other applications the odor neutralizer GreenAirPlus has.

GreenAirPlus is able to remove a wide variety of odours. Our customers use the product, for example, to destroy these odors:

  • Smells of cigarettes and smoke
  • Smells of waste
  • Odours from drains
  • Urine smell
  • Sweaty smell
  • Odors from pets
  •  ... and many more ...

We have provided a list of the most common uses of GreenAirPlus:

  • in hotels
  • in gyms
  • on the budget
  • in sanitary installations
  • in the motor vehicle sector
  • in food service
  • in the need of piety
  • in care facilities
  • on buses and trains
  • in yachts, ships and boats
  • in the motor vehicle environment (e.g. also in taxis)
  • ... and many others ...

How does GreenAirPlus differ from other odour neutralisers?

Conventional odor neutralizers, which you know e.g. from the drugstore, in many cases only mask the odor instead of removing it completely. GreenAirPlus works 24h and removes your nasty odors completely.

To completely neutralise the odour, remove the source of the odour and spray for approx. 2 seconds in the middle of the room. GreenAirPlus distributes itself through the active formula and neutralizes the odors.

How does the GreenAirPlus odour neutraliser work?

The mode of action of the odour neutraliser GreenAirPlus from the spray can is based on the same principle with which our customers worldwide are already solving their odour problems:

Simply put: GreenAirPlus dissolves the double bond between the atoms in a molecule and thus permanently destroys the odour. If you contact our technicians, they will be very happy to provide you with information about the exact mode of action. For a simplified presentation, however, we prefer to let an animation speak here:

GreenAirPlus in the food sector

The odour neutralizer from the spray can can be used without hesitation in the catering trade, in restaurants and in hotels. You can find more information on our safety certificate. Technical details can be found in our safety data sheet.

Where can I buy GreenAirPlus in a spray can?

You can use our odor neutralizer request here acquire. You can reach us by telephone at this number: +49 (0) 2302 98407-0.