How much does an exhaust air purification system for industrial plants cost?

Exhaust air purification systems are known mainly from agriculture - but industrial companies also have to take action against foul-smelling exhaust air. The GIRL (Odour Immission Guideline) provides the legal framework conditions. In addition, mixing plants, warehouses, food producers or plastics processors often have to deal with complaints about odour nuisance from their surroundings due to the solvents used. An exhaust air purification system provides a remedy.

Biological exhaust air purification cheaper and more environmentally friendly

While exhaust air purification systems with activated carbon filters are the standard in industry, GreenAirSystems launched GreenAirPlus systems in 2017, a new and globally unique natural alternative for industrial operations. Read more about biological exhaust air purification with GreenAirPlus mist in this blog post. GreenAirPlus is a natural concentrate that is turned into a fine, dry mist using potable water and air pressure. This mist is proven to neutralize odors naturally without producing waste or hazardous waste. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it's also better for the budget!

Significant cost advantages with biological exhaust air purification systems

At Journal for Surface Technology a cost comparison between thermal and biological exhaust air purification was published in 2015. Assuming 2000 operating hours/a, 44 000 m3 exhaust air/h and 220 mg VOC/m3 as in the study, the following costs are incurred for your exhaust air purification system in the comparison:

Investment costs From

  • 520,000 for thermal exhaust air purification,
  • 344.000 € for a biofilter,
  • 176,000 € for biological exhaust air purification and
  • 40,000 with a GreenAirPlus system.

Operating costs From

  • 52,680 € per year for thermal exhaust air purification,
  • 23,400 € for a biofilter,
  • 29,290 € with biological exhaust air purification and
  • 8,756 with a GreenAirPlus system.

You can expect the following energy requirements for exhaust air purification systems:
Compressed air requirement from

  • 20 Nm3/h with thermal and biological exhaust air purification,
  • 0 for a biofilter and
  • 17 Nm3/h for GreenAirPlus systems.

Natural gas demand From

  • 56,840 Nm3/a with thermal and biological air purification and
  • 0 for a biofilter and GreenAirPlus systems.

Electricity demand From

  • 163,200 kW/a for thermal processes,
  • 46,920 kW/a with a biofilter,
  • 116,280 kW/a for conventional biological processes and
  • 4,000 kW/a for GreenAirPlus systems.

In comparison, the electrical connected load is

  • 90 kW for thermal systems,
  • 50 kW for a biofilter,
  • 40 kW for conventional biological systems and
  • only 2 kW for GreenAirPlus systems.

And finally, the Delivery time represent a cost and decision-making factor: It amounts to

  • 5 months for a thermal plant,
  • 3 months for a biofilter,
  • 2 months for biological plants and
  • 2 - 3 months for GreenAirPlus systems.