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Odor neutralization specialists.

GreenAirPlus is the world's first odour elimination solution that produces no waste. 

Our solutions help companies around the world solve their odor problems.

See which technologies are behind the GreenAirPlus modular systems

The combination of GreenAirPlus, pressure and water creates a fine mist which is the most important component in odour elimination. The concentration of the active ingredient, which is tailored to the application, in combination with state-of-the-art system technology, makes it possible to destroy even stubborn odours without leaving any residue.

Odour destruction at an archway


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How to combat odours with the GreenAirPlus odour neutraliser

How to combat odours with the GreenAirPlus odour neutraliser

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Why should you use GreenAirPlus?

During the development of our odour elimination solutions, the focus was on sustainably reducing the burden on the environment: when using GreenAirPlus, no waste or hazardous waste is produced.

Rapid ROI achievement: The introduction and operation of an odour elimination solution with GreenAirPlus incurs relatively low initial costs, unlike biofilters, activated carbon filters or wet scrubbers.

The modular systems are designed for a wide range of applications and can be made ready for use very quickly. Our team can put an individual solution into operation within 12 weeks.